Fairfax celebrates opening of Baseball Museum

Sunday, July 19 was a beautiful day for a baseball game! It was also a great day for the Grand Opening event at the Fairfax Baseball Museum in Memorial Park! On the field, the Cardinals went head to head with the New Ulm Brewers. Behind the stands, fans could tour the beautiful baseball museum filled to the rafters with Fairfax baseball memories! Pictured above left are former Fairfax resident and MLB baseball player Dana Kiecker along with Jim Weinzetl, who put in many hours to make the museum a reality. Above center, the Fairfax Royalty (Hana Schroeder, ## Clobes and Valorie Hardin helped by handing out baseballs and Cracker Jacks to kids. At right, Dana Kiecker and Charlie Korsmo threw out the first pitch of the game. Korsmo has been volunteering in the concession stand at Cardinals games for over 50 years!

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