Come out come out wherever you are . . .

By Maggie Gray

Every once in awhile I may be out walking my dog Tucker - my powerful, personality plus, drag me down the road Coonhound, and I will run into someone who recognizes me. “Oh, so you’re Maggie!” Then it occurs to me, there’s just NO hiding in this town. I can’t get away with anything, whether it’s bad hair, bad language, uncut lawn or a filthy car knee deep in dust and dirt from my backroad adventures. So here it is folks! If I can’t HIDE a darn thing when WHY please tell me can’t I find any foxes to photograph?

I am driving our mailman Seth crazy with constant questions about whether he sees any fox families on his daily mail routine. That poor guy. He made the mistake of telling me about one fox family he spotted and now every time I see him, I put him through the third degree. Details, I want details!

I know there is a fox family on the edge of town here in Fairfax because I was out one morning at 4am and found momma fox sitting on the street barking trying to locate her mate. It was honestly the best morning for me to know they are around here. I realize that to many residents foxes can be considered a nuisance but I also know there are some who love their presence and look forward every spring to the emergence of those little orange balls of fluff in the ravine or fields. Yes folks, even foxes serve a purpose on the planet. And, no not necessarily target practice!

Those reading are thinking if we are truly getting the picture Maggie, YOU, the tree hugger, the animal lover has moved to rural America, hunting ground USA, and want to find animals to what? Not shoot them? To photograph them? Didn’t you get the memo? We love hunting woman! Whether it’s ducks, geese, deer, pheasant, the list goes on, we can’t wait for each hunting season. We gear up, load up and off we go! Please don’t tell us you cry when you hear the distant sound of shotguns! That’s our dinner bell!

So here’s my proposal to all you people out there who read my column. Hunters, non-hunters, animal lovers, you name it. What drives my soul is photographing predators. Yes I’ve been to Africa and filled that bucket list. But I have a longing, a deep longing for photographing wolves and foxes - throw in a coyote for good measure. I do know there are hunting groups that target coyotes as they can really be burdensome to ranchers and farmers with livestock, so I won’t question that effort. People have to make a living and protect their investment in their stock.

So my request is this. If any hunters, non-hunters or homeowners out there know of locations where I can photograph fox families without too much interference in your daily life, I am asking for help. Every one of us has a passion or an addiction. Maybe it’s hunting, maybe it’s sports, maybe it’s just sitting around and watching TV. But we all have a deep driving need within us to do something that brings us a rush and fulfillment. Mine is wildlife photography and the only way you’re gonna know is for me to open my heart here and ask for your help!

My plumbing is fixed. We now have a three-dog ordinance in Fairfax, yes I played a role in that, so now all three of my dogs are welcome in Fairfax! My house is just adorable. My car always has a full tank of gas thanks to Dave’s Service Station. My windshield is washed thanks to Dave’s. My refrigerator is stocked with left-over pizza from Casey’s. My home has little touches thanks to F&F Florist. My toilet paper stash is filled thanks to Dollar General. My new Cruiser bicycle (that’s another story for next time, beware) that I bought from Farm Mercantile is perfect!! My neighbors Dennis and Zetta have proven to be the most patient people listening to my daily rants about photography frustrations.

Please understand you can only photograph so many trees, flowers, butterflies or lakes before you want to scream in frustration. In all respects to rural America, I have my eye on that covered bridge on Highway 27 but that’s saved for my fall color obsession. So for now, dear readers, I think the only thing left for me is to throw myself on the ground in a total fit and have a public tantrum. I NEED FOXES. If you have any question on my ability to photograph them, then you need to visit my website: I promise if you can help me find a fox family to photograph, not only will I become your new best friend or your worst annoyance, I will give you one of my photos on a canvas for your home OR for you hunters, for target practice. I can be reached at

Tic Toc. I am sitting here with my Nikon camera gear, holding my breath! Either you will email me to stop begging and groveling and get back to writing something funny, OR, you will let me know you may have a lead for me. But remember, I cry easily and can turn just about anything into a column for your reading pleasure!


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